Friday, February 17, 2006


Black People's Disease

I got it. HBP. HBS. O. You got to be Black to know what these acronyms stand for. High Blood Pressure. High Blood Sugar. Overweight. That's all me. I didn't understand as a young person the seriousness of genetics and that even if I remained skinny I was predisposed to hypertension because my beloved parents and grandparents were all carriers of the Black People's Disease. I wouldn't have eaten those 3 big macs when I was sixteen. I wouldn't have gave up my abstinence in HOW had I known I'd be here, fighting high blood pressure at such a young age. I do not want to end up like luther! I do not want to end up a statistic. No, I'm not obese. And I spend more money on organic food that rich white folks. But when I'm bad, I'm bad and I'm paying for those bad times. I pray that my daughter gets it, that this is a death sentence if you don't catch it early. I pray I can lose the excess pounds and lose the hurt, pain and disappointment that makes someone eat more than they should. I'm really worth fighting for. Today, I'm fighting for me. I am my revolution.

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