Monday, February 20, 2006


Mondays Blue

Its here again. Monday. I have to work. Though I'm grateful for having a job, god knows I wish I was waking up going to a career. I wish I was waking up feeling healthy and good. But the truth is the Black people's disease is on me. But God, being the powerful God she is, will help me overcome this. I just know it. I just pray my daughter and other people of my persuasion, understand the seriousness of HBP and starting eating correctly so as not to get this thing.

On a positive note, I'm optimistic about life, love and money today. I got a financial blessing that will allow me to do somethings I need to do like seeing about my mother. I just ask that you bless and protect me God. Getting on the plane is so stressful to me and that's no joke.

Love you Ta'Shia


Friday, February 17, 2006


Black People's Disease

I got it. HBP. HBS. O. You got to be Black to know what these acronyms stand for. High Blood Pressure. High Blood Sugar. Overweight. That's all me. I didn't understand as a young person the seriousness of genetics and that even if I remained skinny I was predisposed to hypertension because my beloved parents and grandparents were all carriers of the Black People's Disease. I wouldn't have eaten those 3 big macs when I was sixteen. I wouldn't have gave up my abstinence in HOW had I known I'd be here, fighting high blood pressure at such a young age. I do not want to end up like luther! I do not want to end up a statistic. No, I'm not obese. And I spend more money on organic food that rich white folks. But when I'm bad, I'm bad and I'm paying for those bad times. I pray that my daughter gets it, that this is a death sentence if you don't catch it early. I pray I can lose the excess pounds and lose the hurt, pain and disappointment that makes someone eat more than they should. I'm really worth fighting for. Today, I'm fighting for me. I am my revolution.

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