Thursday, January 06, 2005


My Daughter's 24th Moon

January 5th is the day my beloved daughter was born. It was and is one of the most joyous ocassions of my life. I can still remember her blue eyes looking around the delivery room trying to make sense out of her new surroundings. And yes, this black babies eyes were blue when she was born. and she had red hair. Blame on the Irish in her. And yes, the Irish had African slaves too.

As mad as she makes me, as much pain as she has caused my soul, I am so happy that her soul chose me to be its harbor. And I am so glad that she decided to come to earth. Her initials spell day. Consequently, she has been the light clearing away my darkness many a day. i love her more than life itself. so much, i can't even put this kind of love into words. and i'm a writer!

24 moons ago I carried her in my womb. She was an active baby. Constantly kicking, stretching and poking out her little miniature behind. I loved her from the moment she started breathing and using my life force to feed her own. I knew I was pregnant long before a doctor confirmed it. As crazy as her dad and I were in our twenties, we did love each other. The second that love bonded at the level love or some other emotion must to create life, I knew she or maybe even he, was alive inside of me.

Being the goat my child is, she couldn't even wait to be born. She came two months early. wasn't sick or anything. just wanted to come. i was wearing braids at the time. individuals. she used to reach out her tiny hand and grab my braids. then she would smile this amazing smile and light my heart on fire.

i'm just so happy that she was happy today. her birthday is my birth day. so we both celebrate her life.

i hope my child always remembers that she is worthy of nothing but the best. she is now a queen. she has earned her crown. i hope she knows that god whispered and she laughed. isn't that amazing? see, all parents live for the sound of their child's laughter. and all parents die just a little whenever their children cry. keep laughing d. and remember that nothing in life is worth your peace of mind.

happy birthday forever.

i love you.

take care of my little man. forgive him like i have forgiven you.


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