Monday, January 03, 2005


McDonald's Stole My Abstinence But Tomorrow's a New Day!

January 3. That doggone Mickey Dee's--I could smell those fries from the red light. They hypnotized my azz. But then again, I shouldn't driven by there all slow, looking at how long the line was, fantasizing the first bite of that warm, salty frie. LMBAO! And the Nubian Goddess knows, I could've ordered the salad, but I didn't. I rationalized my binge on carbs and grease by telling myself that my mate was going to order some fries anyway. And since I had already slipped and eaten the fries, I treated myself to some vanilla custard ice cream. Then later, I asked for a piece of my sweetie's licorice. It was O.V.E.R. by then. Dang! Okay, okay. I forgive myself. The good news is that my honey, who by the way is my biggest temptation (gotta blame somebody for my overactive fork), goes back to work tomorrow. So I'll have at least eight hours without someone drinking ice cold mountain dew, cooking fragrant popcorn in the microwave and eating red, juicy licorice strips in front of me. My salad with lemon juice and olive oil somehow feels a bit more appetizing when the scent of fresh popcorn isn't floating through the air.

Tonight I was watching TV and a network who I shopped my TV show idea to aired a new show that was a splitting image of my treatment. This is the third darn time this has happened to me. Why won't they give a sistah the money for a change? And didn't they have a european playing my role!!! Yes they did! But these are different days and if I need to call Johnny (for those who know, know) I darn sholl will. By the way, sholl is Black vernacular for the word "sure." Anyway y'all, 'm feeling more powerful each day. I'm starting to love being me again.

Till tomorrow.

Here's to Miracles and Justice!


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